We are a London based video production & live streaming company, run by a neat unit of dedicated film and sound enthusiasts. ​Our aim is to help you communicate with your clients, colleagues or the general public through an engaging, compelling and visually stunning video.


So whether you want to entice, inform, inspire or motivate, we're here to help you do that - in glowing 4K resolution. 

​Feel free to get in touch for a quote, to discuss your project, or simply for a chat to talk about your ideas in relation to your video.

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Meet The Glowers

Michael Peters GLOW.jpg

Michael Peters

With a degree in Business Psychology and after a decade long career in the Financial Services Industry, Michael's focus is on combining his passion for film and audio with his business acumen. Michael is the main founder of GLow.

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Mathieu Gamet

A film fanatic through and through, Mathieu is a true creative force behind the lens. He directs, shoots and edits our videos with an equal obsession with both quality and creativity. Together with Michael, Mat is a co-founder of Glow.

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Robert Kettmann

Robert is a highly experienced freelance camera operator and trusted Glow associate. With a focus on corporate, live productions, promotional content and documentaries, Robert's skills flow into all our larger projects.

Priscila GLow pic.png

Priscila Najar

Priscila is the one that keeps the engine running, dealing with everything from location scouting and shooting permits to ensuring that deadlines are met 100% of the time. If problem solving was a sport, she'd be a champion at it.